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I have finally had a chance to watch the President’s press conference so I could make sense of what I heard from pundits all day. For one, I have never seen a President asked those kind of questions by reporters with such a blatant lack of respect in their voices and demeanor. It was sickening for me to watch after a while. Not one of them would have dared to act that way to Bush Jr. or Sr, Clinton or God forbid Ronald Reagan. And just what was “it” that was asked starting in the press conference and repeated again and again by pundits afterward that he isn’t getting?

The only difference I can ascertain between Obama and every other President that has ever held office is the color of his skin. Other than that he just like all the rest, agree with me or not I don’t care. He is not any more or less trustworthy or honest or have any less skeletons in his closet than any other career politician. I have no more or less reason to trust him than any of the rest. I have never in my life seen a President get heckled during a Presidential address. Not ever, not even once. Not until Obama took office. I have never heard a President talked to, or about in the way he is talked about in the Press.

The two party system is broken, badly. We need a viable third party in this county but the Tea Party is not it. But then if they can pull all the ultra conservatives out of the Republican and Democratic parties then so be it. Maybe we need a party of crazies so we know where they are. And no, I am not kidding. I will agree we need a much smaller government and tax reform but that is never going to happen so their whole platform is a joke to me.

Why do federal level politicians get to keep receiving their salary after they have left office? And they get all the pay raises that get voted in after they have left too. And they get world class health care for them and their families for the rest of their lives and can will it to their husbands and wives when they die? They they don’t even pay into it, we the regular tax payer get to do that for them. And we expect them to willingly vote to stop that? Are you kidding?

I don’t care about gun rights because I do not own any guns and have no real plans too nor do I fret over how much my taxes are considering I don’t make that much. I don’t care about Social Security because I’m pretty sure I won’t get any and I don’t believe in God (I am a Secular Humanist) so I don’t fit in with any party. I want to know how we can get millions of non-violent criminals out of jail, but that would lose money for all the private prisons trading on wall street. I live in a country where it has somehow become good business to incarcerate people.

You will never get any kind of smaller government or tax reform with 10% or more of your population permanently behind bars and 10% permanently unemployed. That is one fifth of the population dependent on or incarcerated by the government in some form or another. Don’t forget to factor in all the businesses that work for and with the Government. It is immensely large and growing even today.  A government that has to protect you from a threat that may come from anywhere at any time (terrorism) and has to provide for you and makes money off of incarcerating you has to be big enough to do so. Which means that the government will never be big enough.

Our government will never be big enough to protect us from outside threats, protect us from ourselves and provide for us when we can’t and control us all at the same time, never. But that is more and more becoming what the Government’s job is lately, between the Patriot Act, mandatory health care, Social Security, Katrina, The BP spill, fighting two wars we shouldn’t be and the first gulf war, the corporate, auto industry and banking bailouts (again), the real estate bubble (again)..I could keep going.

The press conference made me aware of something, I guess I do not watch enough T.V. to already have known; I am going to have to wait either two or six more years to know whether I have seen the beginning of the end of something. Either the end of politics as we know it due to the total loss of respect and civility towards the President, or if it was because he was black. If after Obama leaves office all of a sudden we have respect for the office of the President then I will have learned something terribly revealing..

I am scared for the future of my country.


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