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Today is the day that my casual relationship with Linux gets serious.

It all started about a year ago when my friend gave me his old desktop. I already had an extra monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and before I knew it I had two computers in my room. I am what would be considered an average user in the MS world and I know my around a computer but I am not a programmer or hacker, yet.

I could sit here and tell you why I have finally decided to do this, but you know as well as I that it has all been said before.

What I will say is this.

In the last year I have learned more about computers than I ever thought I would and I have had a complete blast doing it! I have had more fun than when I got my first computer, which had 98 on it. Not to mention the cool people that I have met through learning more about Linux. I am really having fun again, really!

We’re goin in, and we’re goin in full throttle…

Here is my concise attempt to give you an idea where I am at. I have installed and used FC1, FC3, Ubuntu, De Mundi then Kubuntu and then SuSE 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and now 10.0. I have started to get used to the file system, I have learned some commands and have figured out how to read the man pages, which by the way are the coolest thing since sliced bread when it comes to learning basic stuff. I am what you would call a newbie, I know it, I’m ok with it. My grandfather used to say “You can learn more, if you admit you don’t know more”. Its the way he said it that makes me remember.

This journal of sorts, is not an attempt to push one distro or another. I tried a lot of different Linuxes and once I tried SuSE 9.1 I was hooked. I just liked and continue to like, the feel of it. For some reason I can get around my desktop and change all kinds of stuff on it easily. It made learning how to use my Linux system easier. I know that people have reasons why they like Gnome or KDE, a lot of it technical, and I don’t understand any of it. All I know, is that about an hour after I had 9.1 up and running, I knew that it was never coming off…until I put 9.2 on it:-)

Well, I have all of my stuff backed up. I have an HP 520c that has an AMD 1600+ 1.4G 512mgs of RAM and a 60G-HD with an Audigy2 sound card and an ATI 9600 Graphics card. I’ve gone through my computer a couple of times and I think I got it all. WHEW!! I think I’m really going to do it.

So much for just getting my feet wet huh? 🙂

Here is the link to the rest of the thread.


Note: 10-16-06

I Thank Tom Adelstien for encouraging me to start that thread and to become a Contributing Editor. So I started the thread and took the position. Just look at me now, Senior Editor and hopefully more.

It is because of him that I became interested in writing about Linux and Open Source Software in general.

The thread was picked up by Novell and they linked to it from their webite as well.


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